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ImageIf a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

      Sometimes we fall.  Down, down, down, gravity pulls us to the abyss.  Helpless and hopeless doesn’t even begin to describe our plunge.  Falling fast into a vast pit of darkness; we sometimes succumb to the depths of a horrific hell of our own making.   With each passing second, we shrink further away from reality, from those we love and from those who surely love us.   Most of all we fall away from God, from the truth that would surely save us, if only we could reach a hand up.

Sir Walter Scott said it well:   Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”    A wise pastor I once knew said it even better, “Anyone who lies to themselves, will have no problem lying to others.”   What is it that you hide?  What bitter secret brings you further down with each passing day?  What is this thing you think you keep telling yourself you can handle but deep down you know is consuming you?   What is it that causes you to lie in the worst ways to those who love you most?

Truth is found in so many places.  Some find truth in the Scriptures.  Some find truth in music.  Truth is found in people who care about you, and don’t ever believe for one moment, there is no one who cares for you at all.  That is the biggest lie of all.   Some find truth in the written word, much of it floating in the atmosphere, awaiting you to find it, click it, and use it!   I think you can find truth, answers, and help in all of these.  Yet the best place to start with truth needs to be in the mirror.  Look at yourself for an entire minute.  Don’t flinch!  You owe it to those you love and are loved by, but especially yourself,

Who are you really?

Are you willing to get real?


You can stop running, hiding, lying, and using right now.  This is the moment that could change everything!

This post isn’t for everyone.  But I have a feeling you already know if it’s for you.

Defy gravity now.  Reach a hand out brother or sister.   Do the hardest thing you’ll ever loveChoose to change.  Choose life, your real life. 

You can do this.  You can Rise Above!     Just because I don’t know who you are, doesn’t mean I’m not praying for you.    Believe, believe, believe!  U2areloved!

There’s so many websites available regarding addiction.  I’m only sharing two of my favorites from friends who went way beyond recovery, and really used the experience to make something magnificent out of their lives.  I hope you will too!

You can change your mind
But you cannot change your heart
Your heart knows what you’re hiding
Your heart knows where you are
I’d be myself if I knew who I’d become
You don’t have to fly too high
To get too close to the sun
See the boy fall from the sky

(Theme from Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark – Music by U2)

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